Health care reinvented

Changing the status quo for vulnerable patients

Many organizations talk about transforming care, but at CareMore Health we’ve been doing it since 1993. An industry pioneer, we partner with health plans who understand that patients with or at risk for chronic conditions need care that’s different from traditional models.

We deliver compassionate, patient-centered care that’s proven to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable patients. Our approach goes beyond medical care to address social drivers of health that adversely impact well-being and quality of life. We meet patients where they are – whether in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or residences – delivering care virtually and in person, and extending 24/7 access to support all our patients.

Complete continuum of services

Our products are comprehensive to meet the unique needs of each of your populations.

  • Full-population care
    Longitudinal, coordinated care that proactively addresses whole-person needs of patients
  • Complex care
    High-touch, high-intensity care for patients with or at risk for chronic conditions
  • Aspire palliative careNon-hospice, end-of-life support that adds an extra layer of support for patients with serious illnesses

Our complex and palliative care services are delivered in collaboration with patients’ primary care and specialist physicians. We will co-manage or accept full assignment of patients in full-population care programs.

We offer performance-based fee options including full risk and shared savings payment models.

Our results

For health plans, we reduce overall cost of care and deliver an enhanced member experience by:

  • Reducing inpatient admissions
  • Lowering inpatient bed days
  • Reducing hospital readmissions
  • Engaging patients in advanced care planning

Consistently, our outcomes are better than industry averages and we earn NPS scores greater than 85.

Our co-management model also benefits busy primary care physicians; our in-depth care management eases their burden, giving them more time to spend with less complex patients.

Watch “Being the Change”

At our foundation is a highly integrated, multidisciplinary team of compassionate professionals. Meet Carlos and learn how his CareMore team improved his health and well-being.

Learn more about how CareMore makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable patients with complex needs.