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Meet your members' whole-health needs

Who we are 

Pioneers in delivering whole-person care 

For more than 25 years, we have delivered patient-centered care proven to make a difference in members’ lives, especially those with complex needs or chronic conditions. 

Multidisciplinary teams,
singular compassion

The heart of our care model at CareMore is our people. We’re an integrated, multidisciplinary team of compassionate clinicians who deliver life-changing care.

Watch our video to see how we did it for our patient Carlos.

Whole-person care that takes the long view

Using a data-driven approach and a mix of in-person, telephonic, and virtual care, we tailor our comprehensive longitudinal care options to the unique needs of your Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial populations.

Full population

Proactive coordinated care for your members’ whole-person needs regardless of their health status

Complex care

High-touch, high-intensity care for your members with or at risk for chronic conditions

Aspire palliative care

An extra layer of support for members with serious illness regardless of their disease stage

With CareMore, everyone wins

When your health plan partners with CareMore, good things happen for your members, your providers, and your plan, too.

Care experiences that drive loyalty

Available 24/7 and virtually, our patient-centered, multidisciplinary care routinely earns a Net Promoter Score (NPS) greater than 85.

 Clinical outcomes that matter most

With our algorithms and predictive modeling, we proactively engage members with care gaps and deliver interventions proven to improve outcomes.

Stronger provider partnerships 

Our wrap-around, co-management model supports primary and specialty care physicians, easing their burden and allowing them to focus on their practice.

Affordability of care

Our value-based fee options place the financial risk on our performance and leverage our experience and deep expertise to drive down costs.

  Different from the start

Managing populations while extending extra care to those who need it most comes with many challenges. Founded as a health plan, we keenly understand them. And that makes us a partner health plans trust.


We offer more than 25 years of experience delivering compassionate care in risk-based payment arrangements.


Celebrated in JAMA, Harvard Business Review, and many more, our approach and outcomes are nationally recognized.


We work with you and your network providers to tailor programs to your populations’ specific needs.

Outcomes that challenge the status quo

At CareMore, we drive outcomes that exceed industry benchmarks at a lower overall cost of care. We also give members the experience they and their families have long needed. Here’s how we do both.

Reducing inpatient admissions

Decreasing inpatient bed days

Lowering hospital admissions

Facilitating advance care planning

Success stories: Family member of a CareMore patient

“I don’t know how I would have gotten through the time”

“Oh my goodness, you have been such a help to us. You always have such good advice and ideas. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the time. I am so grateful.”

– Family member of a CareMore patient

Success stories: CareMore patient

“CareMore has done more for me than anyone before”

“My nurse practitioner has been very good to help keep me out of the hospital. She has done more for me than any one before. She always makes sure I have medication refills. She and the social worker helped get me resources for an air conditioner in the summer.”

– CareMore patient

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